Hertha's Consignment Guidelines


Hertha's is an upscale consignment boutique (NOT A THRIFT STORE). Our consignors receive 50% of the selling price after the item has sold within a 60 day consignment period.   

Our goal is to get the highest price for you, the consignor, while providing quality clothing and brands at great prices for ALL of our customers. In order to achieve that goal please adhere to the guidelines below.  


  • Clothes must be received on hangers. (We will not accept clothes in garbage bags or boxes)
  • Clothes must be cleaned, pressed, free of stains odors (cigarette/mothballs etc.) and in good condition no missing buttons or broken zippers.
  • Shoes and handbags must be gently worn. (No marks, scuffs or out of style).
  • Designer handbags must be authentic. A receipt or documentation is greatly appreciated. We will not accept any counterfeit items.
  • Please clean out pockets and handbags (remove personal items, tissues, napkins etc.)
  • We accept department store brands and above, we will not accept discount store brands like Walmart,Target etc.
  • We accept higher end jewelry only. 
  • We will not accept any vintage items or items older that 5 years.

Please keep in mind the 3 C’s when sorting through your items…CLEAN, CURRENT, and CUTE!!!

Recycle your gently worn clothes and turn your closet into cash. 

We accept consignments by appointment Mon - Fri 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

Please call 251-968-1400 to schedule your appointment.